Fun Fact: Daryl Hall said they hate being called "Hall and Oates," and as John pointed out there is not one album cover that says that, they all are labeled, "Daryl Hall and John Oates."

Fun Fact: The name Wild Cherry came from a box of cough drops.

Fun Fact: The title was the longest on the Hot 100 until 1985 when the Medley of Stars with a list of all 41 artists on the label beat it out.

By the end of the decade their popularity had begun to fade, but they could tour forever on their laurels. This summer REO is out with Styx and Don Felder on the "United We Rock" tour. Scott found a great restored "Midnight Special" video with band...

Here's Bonnie live on the Midnight Special in 1977 with beautifully restored video and audio, showing why she's now considered one of the Greatest.

This Aerosmith appearance on the old Midnight Special is on the edge of hilarious. The costumes were over the top.

Bowie's in one of his crazy costumes, but Marianne is in either a nun's habit or a nurse's hat. Like all things Bowie, it's pretty bizarre and fun.

To be honest what I really remember is The Pointer Sisters loved champagne and partying, but that's beside the point, they were great entertainers and had fun doing what they did. Here's a note that Scott sent with some inside info on the song itself: FIRE.

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