In typical James style, he traveled to Detroit where he was discovered recording at Motown, arrested and spent a year in prison. Upon release he relocated to Los Angeles where he worked as a songwriter for Motown and landed a deal as a singer with Motown's Gordy Re...

Show and Tell It was, as we used to say, "In the Grooves," and went from Hit Bound to #1 on Top 40 radio around the country, selling a million copies and driving the same-titled album into the stratosphere.

Thanks to Chuck, Elvis, Fats and Little Richard by 1959 R&B was breaking through on Top 40 Radio and The Clovers hit #23 on both the Pop and R&B charts with their version of LOVE POTION NUMBER 9.

The J. Giles band has been nominated for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame five times and passed over again for 2017. They along with The Cars and other bands that really rocked, have suffered from Jann Wenner's policy of expanding the base to include acts that are a...

Mr. Cole was a transitional figure in the evolution of Pop Music into what was becoming Rock and Roll; his jazz piano and hip arrangements were use by many more artists over the years.

Al Jurreau was the only artist besides Michael Jackson to win Grammy's in three categories: Jazz, Pop, and R&B.

The incredibly talented Maurice White, musician, producer, songwriter, and founder of Earth, Wind & Fire, went to Rock & Roll Heaven on February 4, 2016.

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