Fun Fact: Daryl Hall said they hate being called "Hall and Oates," and as John pointed out there is not one album cover that says that, they all are labeled, "Daryl Hall and John Oates."

The Reverend Al Green is very much alive and still working at 71, but here he is at the peak of his fame in 1974 singing, I'M SO TIRED OF BEING ALONE Live with great audio and video. Check out the ladies in the audience, that man got a lot of love.

I love this video, Johnnie's singing live with a hot band, and the audience is mostly on their feet dancing and singing along; an excellent example of the Soul music experience.

I saw them as a hipper, funkier "Chicago," and they filled a need for that.

Tyrone's career spanned more than 20 years of recording and touring and he was called: "King of romantic Chicago soul" by MTV and the women who followed him from gig to gig.

The guys at Atlantic Records were ecstatic, because it would be the label's first Gold Record. The song became his signature tune, but Percy had several more chart records over the years, including: "Take Time To Know Her," which reached #12 on the Pop Ch...

here's a great one Scott found of the band performing their second #1 Hit, Rollercoaster Live on Midnight Special. They're introduced by Wofman Jack in great shape and telling an inside joke about his wife, the "Wolfwoman." Appparently, The Ohio Playe...

Mr. Cole was a transitional figure in the evolution of Pop Music into what was becoming Rock and Roll; his jazz piano and hip arrangements were use by many more artists over the years.

Fun Fact: Gladys swore that Diana Ross kicked her off her tour as opening act because the crowd loved Gladys more. So here we go with Gladys Knight, age 16, with her brother, cousins, and their Megahit, I Heard It Thought the Grapevine on Soul Train.

Add to those Hit Singles, 6 Gold Albums, and it becomes apparent why Billboard Magazine moved them to #1 Duo of all time pushing Phil and Don Everly out of that spot.

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