Every Guy's Dream: Hanky Panky

Tommy James had a great 1966, scoring his first big across-the-board hit with Hanky Panky. The song was labeled as by Tommy James and the Shondells...but there was one little problem. The song had been recorded a couple of years earlier, and by the time it became a hit, there was no group called the Shondells backing James up.

Before he was ready to go on the road and perform it live, his label, Roulette Records, had to audition and put a group together, calling them the Shondells, to back up their new star. James would go on to have a string of top hits through the sixties, and scored his last top forty hit in the early 80's. This is the song that every young guy back in the mid-sixties wishes he could say about his girlfriend at the time.

- John Hale

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