More Than a Feeling: Boston Goes Into Orbit

If it weren’t for the resumed interest in Vinyl Records, LP covers would be a mystery to a lot of the younger people out there. Sure, iTunes and CDs have "cover art," but it’s not the same—they're much smaller and don’t have the impact as a full-sized album.

I remember quite well the week the Boston album was released, the Epic promotion man gave me a copy to check out and I thought the cover a bit garish. It wasn't like jackets by other CBS acts like Chicago that tended to be very tasteful and have a classic look.

About the same time, the first Boston single, “More Than a Feeling,” was released, it had taken Boston founder and lead guitarist, Tom Schotz five years to complete writing it in his basement, before they finally got a record company contract.

My memory may be wrong, but I believe it was the New England Epic promo man who brought the group to the label. The story was that he had taken the nice bonus to buy a Ferrari which he decided to drive across the country, somewhere in mid-America he crashed it and suffered minor injuries. The car Boston bought was totaled.

But back to cover art, some of the best, like the Boston cover, took a while to digest. Basically, it shows Space Ships leaving an exploding earth, but the bright colors and interesting looking Spaceships, Saucers really, jumped out from the racks in record stores, and became iconic leaning against the wall in flats and apartments from New York to LA, and everywhere in between.

The Atlantic explores the question we were all asking, "Where did THAT come from?," in the excellent article More Than an Album Cover. (

Whether the cover would have become as recognizable as if it didn’t contain a huge hit record it’s hard to say, chicken or the egg, but when you get both together you’ve got a big egg or big hit record.

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