Brenda Lee, Break it to me Gently

She was born Brenda Mae Tarpley back in 1944, but you know her a whole lot better as Brenda Lee. She was a 4 foot, 11 inch powerhouse singer with a voice that was mature way beyond her young years. Brenda Lee was equally adept at singing rockabilly, pop, and country music, and she ran off a string of 47 charted hits back in the sixties. Only Elvis Presley, the Beatles, and Ray Charles recorded more hits during that time.

Brenda Lee returned to her country roots late in the sixties, and she has been recognized with membership in the Rockabilly, Rock & Roll, and Country Music Halls of Fame, and is also the recipient of a Grammy Lifetime Achievement award. One of Brenda Lee’s biggest hits came in 1961 with the slow dance favorite Break It To Me Gently. It was such a great song that it became a hit a second time a couple of decades later for singer Juice Newton.

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