Fats' Favorite Girl, Josephine

Antoine "Fats" Domino holds the distinction of being one of the last living first generation rock & rollers, along with Jerry Lee Lewis, Chuck Berry, and Little Richard. (Please, don't anybody try to include Pat Boone with these guys!) Domino was not a revolutionary recording artist on his own, but rather, he synthesized the New Orleans second line rhythm sound of other peer artists like Professor Longhair, Smiley Lewis, Roy Brown, Dave Bartholomew, and Earl King.

One thing Domino did was run off a long string of top forty and top ten hits, something his fellow Crescent City artists had a hard time doing. Most of Domino's biggest hits featured a terrific New Orleans rhythm section, and the production skills of Dave Bartholomew. My Girl Josephine was one of Fats Domino's biggest hits, and one side of a two-sided smash released just at the end of the fifties and the start of the early sixties. It is a prototypical New Orleans R&B hit.

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