Mitch and the Devil In A Blue Dress

When you say "Detroit" and music, the first thing most people think of is Motown, Marvin Gaye, Stevie Wonder, Diana Ross...They were terrific, but the motor city is also famous for producing some of the most famous rockers too. One of my favorite motor city rock & rollers was Mitch Ryder, and his hard-rockin' Detroit Wheels. They specialized in medleys of r&b songs, given the rock treatment, and if you were listening to top forty radio back in the mid-sixties, Mitch Ryder music jumped right out of your transistor radio, or made you crank your car radio and hit the accelerator. One of Ryder's biggest hits was this medley of Shorty Long's Devil With The Blue Dress and Little Richard's Good Golly Miss Molly. Crank you computer speakers, and get ready to kick out the jams, Detroit-style!

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