Bob Seger's Green Shoes

Jack Bernstein, who managed our distributor in Dallas, walked into my office one day and said, “There’s a kid in my office whose a new artist and has an interview, would you mind if he changed clothes in here?”

I had no problem and my office-mate at the time, Stan Byrd, was not in, so it never occurred to me to leave, I was busy working the phones. In walks this long-haired guy who says, “Hi, I’m Bob Seger,” I welcomed him and told him my name and to make himself at home. He opened a small suitcase and took out a fresh shirt, jeans and most memorably, a pair of green, patent leather, bubble toed, stack heeled shoes…Yes, I thought, a Real Rocker.

At the time, Bob had an album out on some small label called, ‘Smokin’ OP’s,’ containing renditions of former rock hits done in his own style, with great guitar riffs, and strong vocals. After a quick change, he said, “Thanks man,” and headed out to his appointment.

I didn’t think much of it at the time, but a few years later when I heard the great, “Live Bullet” album I wished that I had spent more time talking to him. Looking back, I remember that, like most of the guys from Detroit, Bob was a gentleman, working his way up the ladder, with politeness and dignity. Some have criticized him for selling ‘Like A Rock,’ for a TV commercial track, but its just business; and like his music, Bob Segar has handled his business very well.

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