Stevie Said Rhiannon Was a Witch

No group in rock history has probably gone through more changes than Fleetwood Mac. The big Mac started out as a British all-male blues-oriented rock group in the sixties. They were probably best-known for their song Black Magic Woman, which would become a hit a year or two later for Carlos Santana.

Several member-changes later, they were a cutting edge album-rock band in the early seventies, doing some interesting songs like Hypnotized and Oh Well. Fleetwood Mac became one of the biggest names in rock music in the mid-seventies, when they added a couple of California artists, Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks, and began making rock-oriented pop music with a great beat. One of that incarnation of Fleetwood Mac's biggest, and earliest hits, Rhiannon, made a star of Nicks. Rhiannon, by the way, was the name of a Welsh witch.

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