Jan & Dean's Killer Curve

Jan & Dean never were quite as popular as the Beach Boys at purveying California surfing music back in the sixties, but that doesn't mean that they weren't popular, and didn't have hits. Quite the contrary, Dean Torrence and Jan Berry were the most popular duo in surf music for several years in the mid-sixties. They enjoyed such hits as Surf City, The Little Old Lady From Pasadena, and Honolulu Lulu. One of their biggest hits centered around a drag race gone bad, and the life it claimed.

In a somewhat spooky way, Dead Man's Curve foretold the future, as a short while after it came out, Jan Berry was seriously injured in a car wreck while he was driving faster than the speed limit. The injuries he suffered in the accident eventually contributed to Berry's death. Dean Torrence, once finished with his singing career, went on to have a highly-successful graphics business in L.A.

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