Don's Commentary: Cha-Cha-Cha-Cha-Changes (To the Blog)

Don Sundeen

I haven’t done a Commentary for several weeks because we’ve been so busy with the blog/website, and TheDonRocks Facebook, which is gaining more friends every day. But I want to tell you about some changes that are in progress at TDR.

Like all things, blogs and websites grow organically, and going in we knew it probably would evolve on its own; well it has, and in unexpected, interesting ways. We’ve learned that what you’re really interested in are great music videos from all eras, and shorter stories and comments. Therefore, we’re dropping the longer form pieces like "Bob Shannon’s 20 Questions," because his excellent profiles proved too long for a website of this kind. Bob, an accomplished author with a popular book to his credit, will participate when he feels like he has something to share, like in the forthcoming Beatles week.

John Hale will continue to post from his vast knowledge of the music, his comments and videos. Which brings me to another topic; sometimes the videos are not actual films of the song, but Still Pictures along with the high quality sound. This has to do with legal issues, which we strictly adhere to. However, as you’ve already seen, most of the artists profiled on TDR, are portrayed in performance videos that are available to the general public. I often have the videos running and listen to the wide variety of music through my speaker system, so that I can focus on other projects. I'm always a little surprised by the wide variety of genre's of songs already up, and we haven’t even begun to scratch the surface of the Golden Age of Rock and Roll.

Finally, I'm announcing a new segment of TheDonRocks, starting on June 20. Once a month we will feature one particular group or artist for a week, with new music, videos, and sometimes stories appearing every day. There wasn’t much discussion about whom to start with — The Beatles were on everyone's list. And so it will be.

The neat thing is that we have songs and videos from all the different stages of the Fab Four’s musical evolution, literally from the beginning to the end. We won't cover everything, but I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised each day when you pull us up at, and see what’s new. I’ll also be promoting new additions daily on: TheDonRocks Facebook page to keep everyone up to date.

Well, that's about it, on behalf of all of us here at TDR, I hope you enjoy what we’re doing and pass the word on to folks that love the Golden Age music as much as we do.

I’m open to your comments, and to that extent will list my email address for you:

Meanwhile, ROCK ON.