Twist & Shout with The Beatles

The Beatles, early in their career, did something that took some real courage. The Isley Brothers had the first top forty hit version of Twist And Shout. The Isleys version of the song was a great piece of soul music, and the band themselves were so good with their music that few other artists ever even tried to re-do an Isley song.

Not so with the Beatles. They took Twist And Shout, gave it a rock and roll treatment that could still be easily danced to, and in doing so, created one of their most lasting and popular hits, one that climbed to number two on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, the same week that the numbers one through five songs on the chart were by the Beatles. John Lennon sang lead on Twist And Shout, and put so much into the performance that his voice wouldn't let him do a second version of the song, or sing anything else, for several days.

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