Beatles, Get Back On The Roof

Get Back, a 1969 hit for the Beatles, was one of their more unusual number one songs. For one thing, Get Back was the only Beatle hit to feature another artist billboarded on the label. American Billy Preston, who would go on to have his own string of hits in the seventies, was prominently mentioned on the label for playing piano on Get Back. The song was also popularized through an unusual video, done well before the days of MTV.

The Beatles played a one off concert on the roof of the Saville Row building that housed their Apple Records. It was the last public appearance of the Beatles before their breakup a year or so later. The rooftop performance was featured prominently in the Beatles documentary film Let It Be, and Get Back was one of five songs featured in the 42 minute rooftop performance that was unannounced prior to showtime. Get Back was also the Beatles first single released in true stereo in the United States. Get Back was the most documented of all Beatles songs released in the U.S. Cameras followed the song from its’ inception in a rough jam session by the Beatles all the way to it’s final mix down in the studio and release simultaneously in the U.S. and England.

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