Boz Scaggs Got More Than a Dime.

Boz Scaggs attended the elite private school, St. Marks, in Dallas, and when he was 12 met another student who played guitar named Steve Miller. In 1959 Boz joined Steve’s band, The Marksmen, and later they both attended the University of Wisconsin, and had bands there. They dropped out of school to pursue musical careers, Steve to Northern California, and Boz to Europe for a few years playing in several groups. Scaggs then returned to the U.S. and joined Steve in San Francisco in 1967, the Summer of Love.

After appearing on a couple of Miller’s records, Boz was signed by Atlantic as a solo artist, and created what many critics consider one of the great white blues albums, ‘Boz Scaggs. He recorded in Muscle Shoals with the Studio Rhythm Section and a guitarist named Duane Allman, whose extended solo on ‘Loan Me A Dime,’ established him as a great new talent. The record was probably too bluesy for the commercial market, and didn’t sell well, but it created buzz in the business, and when I got to Baghdad by the Bay in ’69, it seemed like every telephone pole in town had a small poster of the album cover stapled to it with info of where he’d be appearing that weekend.

Boz wasn’t happy with the way his initial label, Atlantic, handled his first effort, and moved on to Columbia where he found a home. In 1976, he recorded the album, ‘Silk Degrees,’ with a group of studio musicians who would later form a group named Toto. ‘Silk Degrees’ spawned 4 Hit Singles, ‘Lowdown,’ ‘Lido Shuffle,’ ‘It’s Over’ and ‘What Can I say.’ The album went #1 worldwide and that led to an international sold out tour, establishing Boz Skaggs as a major artist. He would go on to have many more hits, but Silk Degrees was his ‘White Album.’ Boz took a break for a few years and opened a restaurant in San Francisco, ‘Slims,’ that was popular with the hip and sophisticated crowd, a real reflection of the Bay Area lifestyle.


Over the next few years he made a couple more albums, including a ‘Live Hits,’ and did some touring, often with other artist. Finally in 2008, he joined Michael McDonald and Donald Fagan in the, ‘Dukes of September Rhythm Revue,’ playing to large and enthusiastic audiences. Boz Scaggs has come a long way from Plano, Texas, the same hometown as his longtime friend Steve Miller, and when not recording or on the road, he tends to his Vineyard in the Napa wine county, where he and his wife Dominique grow and produce their own brand of wine. A successful performer living the good life.

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