Twitty or Presley, Whose Train?

The late Conway Twitty is in the Country Music Hall of Fame in Nashville. He recorded a long string of number one country hits over several decades, and Twitty became one of the biggest names ever in country music. You have to go back several decades to remember that Conway Twitty was a very popular rock & roll singer before making his successful switch to country. Twitty was something of an Elvis starter kit. He got his start recording for Sam Phillips, who discovered Elvis in Memphis.

Conway Twitty moved over to MGM Records when he couldn't get a hit on Sun Records. He had the Elvis pompadour, the Elvis sneer, and the Elvis stutter in his singing style...and he had the kind of Elvis-like looks that drove the ladies crazy back in the fifties. Check Conway Twitty out on Long Black Train, and if you close your eyes, you can see the comparison with the Big E.

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