A Flirtatious Encounter with Tina Turner

I think it was around the time of either, “Nutbush City Limits,” or, “Proud Mary,” when I had Ike and Tina Turner come to town for a big show and was scheduled to take them around to radio. I pulled up in front of the hotel at the appointed time, and out the front door comes this beautiful woman with a skirt ‘up to here,’ and stiletto heels. “You act professional don,” I said to myself, “Do not say or do anything stupid, she can get you fired in a nanosecond.”

So I leap out of the car and run around to her side to open the door, being careful not to stare. “Where’s Ike?” I asked, “Oh he’s upstairs with the Ikettes,” she replied, with a twinkle in her eye.

Frankly, I was relieved, Ike scared the crap out of me and I had not been looking forward to spending the day with him, instead I would spend that day with his beautiful, glamorous wife…danger, danger, danger. I made small talk as we headed to our first appointment, and I remember clearly her telling me that their home in L.A. had been burgled while they were on tour. I turned towards her to commiserate, and she hiked up her skirt and said, “Don Sundeen, do you think I have pretty legs?” There must have been an angel in the back seat because I almost lost control and drove off the road. After regaining my composure I said, “Why yes Miss Turner, I think your legs are spectacular.” She smiled and said “Tina,” rearranged her clothes and we went on to have a lovely day. She gave great interview.

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