Wouldn't It Be Nice To Be At The Beach?

At first listen, The Beach Boys' hit Wouldn't It Be Nice sounds like a nice, simple pop hit. Listen again, and you'll discover that it's anything but simple as it describes the eternal youthful desire to hurry things up in moving from youth to adulthood. Wouldn't It Be Nice was also anything but simple to record. Beach Boys leader Brian Wilson was notoriously finicky in the recording studio, and hard to please.

It took 21 takes in L.A.'s Gold Star Studios with the great Wrecking Crew session players backing up The Beach Boys before Wilson got a cut of the song that he liked. It was the first release from the Beach Boys' seminal album Pet Sounds, and "Wouldn't It Be Nice" was backed up with one of the most gorgeous pop songs ever recorded, "God Only Knows," which would also garner top forty airplay and become a hit in its' own right. "Wouldn't It Be Nice" peaked out at number eight on the Billboard Top 100 music charts in September of '66, and it still gets plenty of airplay on oldies-formatted radio.

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