Debbie Harry's Staring at me

Incredible to believe, but Debbie Harry, singer of the band Blondie, just turned 70 years old. She’s still hot stuff, but the birthday took me back many years to the mid-70’s. I loved going to St. Louis, it was a great music town, but the two promotion guys from our distributor, Pickwick, Greg and Charlie, made sure I had a good time when I visited.

So one time we spend the day visiting radio stations and I ask them to dinner, Greg said maybe later, but first we’ve got a show to cover and you can come along. The show was Blondie and when we arrived backstage at the theater they were out on the stage rocking. The three of us stood just behind the curtain in the wings watching the performance when Debbie Harry looked over at me and we made eye contact. She was wearing a skin-tight dress, with a hem just below the panty-line, and moving provocatively, the crowd was going crazy, I was trying to portray cool.

Around that time I probably wore a buff, fitted leather jacket, with tight jeans and the black and silver stacked heel cowboy boots my friend Eddy had given me. Oh, I also had hair, although it would be gone before long. Probably because of my outfit, she was trying to figure out who the hell I was, watching from that privileged position. My guess is she figured I was a radio guy being brought in by the promo guys, but it was kind of a rush.

"I think she likes you Don," said Charlie, at which point Greg pointed out that her partner, guitar player Chris Stein, was also staring at us. The significant other of a pretty female star kept as close a watch on their mate, as did the wives and girl friends of their Rock Star boy friends and husbands. We’d done our promotion man duty showing up at the show, seeing the manager and viewing the band, and it was time to split for dinner on my record company. "Any good restaurants I haven’t been to here in St. Louis?" I asked the guys.

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