Hey Ray, What'd I Say

Ray Charles was one of the three landmark r&b singers, along with Sam Cooke and Otis Redding. Charles was an absolute pioneer, melding blues, with a gospel feel, and the upbeat rhythm of the then new r&b into a sound that was entirely his own.

Nobody in r&b had a bigger string of hits than Ray Charles, both with Atlantic Records, and later with ABC Records. One song of Charles' stands out from all the rest, and it came relatively early in his career. Charles, playing in live concert, decided to stretch out a composition of his, "What'd I Say," and he pushed the call and response feel of gospel with his backup singers, the Raelettes.

The crowd went wild over the secular hit that sounded like gospel, and Ray Charles knew he had a big hit on his hands. This is the full version of What'd I Say, and it is the very rare stereo version as well. Get ready to shake what you got!

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