Jerry Lee gets Plowed

As I’ve mentioned before, dealing with Jerry Lee Lewis brought many surprises, and I thought about one the other night. It was a day like all days, working the phones and promoting various records when I got an incoming call . I answered and a voice said, "Sundeen you are not going to believe what’s happening with Jerry Lee."

Well, I heard that pretty often, so I asked what that news might be. ‘The IRS has a bulldozer at Jerry Lee’s house and they’re plowing up the whole property. The Killer is going ballistic and Legal is talking to the Feds.’ That was not a good sign, everyone knew that Jerry Lee resented that fact that the government took a large portion of his money and was constantly coming up with new schemes to pay less.

As we suspected, he had been routinely burying coffee cans full of cash all around his large property for quite some time. Apparently someone who knew about this activity, turned him in, the government pays bounties for tips like that. So, the IRS guys left with a pile of dough, and JL’s lawn looked like a newly plowed field.

"Well," said one wag, "He might as well plant corn or okra." I imagine the attorney’s who defended him made more money on the deal than he had buried, but he once again managed to avoid incarceration…probably a good thing, he would have raised hell in prison.

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