Eagles: Making Winslow, AZ, Famous

I was driving across the country on my way to L.A. on the southern route through Arizona, and switching the radio from station to station to hear what was being played, as deejays and record promo guys always did. At one point I had about 15 minutes of Indian or Native American music, drums beating and chanting in the native language.

After that burned out, I swept the dial again and came up with a local Top 40 station in Winslow, AZ. I kind of chuckled, but as I past the city limits sign, the Eagles, "Take It Easy," blasted out of the radio. It was a real trip and I thought maybe a Cosmic giggle, but sang along as I rode the nearly deserted streets to the other side of town, and back into the endless American desert.

So a few years later I’m hanging with a guy from Phoenix and I tell him the story about my experience there. "Hell," he said, "They play that damn record a couple of times an hour, it's the only song ever written about the town." I laughed but got it, although it did occur to me that the good folks of Winslow would eventually get tired of listening to the song and it would be added to the oldies rotation.

The song was written by Jackson Brown and Glen Frey; and Jackson gave Glen credit for the Winslow reference as an example of the genius the Eagle cofounder could bring to lyrics.

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