Gladys and her Pips

Gladys Knight is one of the great singers of Rock & Roll and Rhythm & Blues, and also one of the nicest people. She was always friendly, courteous and welcoming to the attention of fans, a skill a lot of her peers never developed well. This video gives you and idea of how long she’s been out there singing the songs and entertaining audiences.

The Pips changed members over the years, but I think this group includes her brother, “Bubba” Knight and cousins, Edward Patten and William Guest. To see them live was a truly memorable experience, and I had that privilege several times. The Pips dancing almost stole the show from Gladys, but her between song patter was funny and kept the audiences enthralled.

My favorite of her songs was “Midnight Train to Georgia,” partially because of the lyric, “LA was too much for the man,” which I could identify with at the time. I had the opportunity to tell her about that way back in the day, and I’ve never forgotten her reply, “You ain’t the only one baby.”

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