The Beatles, Pt. 3: When We Was Fab (Faux)

Editor's note: This is the third in a three-part series about the Beatles and their influence on pop music. In part 2, the lads released the Abbey Road concept "Side 2." Today, a new group attempts to recreate the magic.

There's no denying that Abbey Road Side 2 is a complex piece of music. It's also generally a given that bands – including the many Beatles tribute bands that still tour today – tend to avoid it.

Enter The Fab Faux.

Formed in New York City by David Letterman's bass player Will Lee, the core consists of Lee, Conan O'Brien's (and Al Kooper's) lead guitarist Jimmy Vivino, drummer and New York session man Rich Pagano, session guitarist Frank Agnello, and keyboard/guitarist Jack Petruzzelli, complemented by the Hogshead Horns and The Creme Tangerine Strings, not to mention the ever popular "Guest Artists" that have populated their ranks from time to time. What makes these guys different is they deal mostly in "newer" Beatles tunes and NOT dressing up in costume. They don't emulate the Beatles, just their music.

So early in 2010, the guys gathered at Sirius Radio studios and recorded the "Abby Road" medley live. No overdubs, no sweetening, no nothing. It is a wonderful work and one of the best tributes to The Beatles I have ever seen.

The Fab Faux Abbey Road Side 2

Now, I can't let the opportunity pass without mentioning The Beatnix. Australia is the home of a million cover bands — think The Australian Pink Floyd Show for example — mostly because the "real" groups don't tour there. Now in the early 90's the Australian TV show "The Money or The Gun" had a running gag where they would have cover bands do "Stairway To Heaven" (Do I need to remind you? All right, "There's a lady that's sure that all that glitters is gold, and she's buying a stairway to…" Enough, I think I'm gonna be sick). A Doors cover does a great job but one of the best comes from an Australian Beatles tribute band. Trust me. It's very good.

The Beatnix - Stairway To Heaven

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