A Night With Good Rockin' Rocked

When Elvis Presley was a youngster, he was introduced to what was then called "race music"...what we would call blues and r&b later. One song Elvis particularly liked was "Good Rockin' Tonight," first done by New Orleans' Roy Brown, and a year or so later by Wynonie Harris. The song stuck with Elvis, and not long after Sam Phillips, the owner of Sun Records in Memphis discovered Elvis, he got the chance to record his version of Good Rockin' Tonight.

It became one of Elvis Presley's standout early recordings for Sun, and a rockabilly classic in the early days of rock & roll...and Good Rockin' tonight remains one of the very favorite songs of those who favor the rockabilly style of early rock & roll.

Too Much/When My Blue Moon Turns to Gold - The Ed Sullivan Show, 1957

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