She Had A Suspicious Mind

I was at KILT, Houston, one of America' strongerst hit-making radio stations when a friend from RCA records came in, he had the look on his face that promo guys got when they had a sure thing. 'The songwriter Mark James put this out and it stiffed,' he said, but we took it to Elvis and he has cut a killer track. The song was SUSPICOUS MINDS, and it re-enegized The King's career when he was in a slump. The video is from Elvis's prime in Vegas, note the the backup girls faces, everyone was thrilled to be working with the man they knew was a legend. TDR

Elvis Presley’s career was on the wane in the late sixties. He’d been replaced in popularity by the Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Bob Dylan, and various other rock and r&b acts. The middle-of-the-road stuff he’d been recording for years just wasn’t getting it any longer, so he decided, for once, to take the choice of songs out of the hands of his manager, Colonel Parker, and leave the decision-making up to his new producer, Chips Moman, the longtime Memphis music producer who’d worked for Sam Phillips at Sun Records, at Stax Records, and had his own highly-successful American Sound Studio in Memphis.

Moman brought in some of the best Memphis musicians, and took Elvis back to a somewhat earlier sound with his new album, simply entitled The Memphis Album. It included what would be one of the very biggest hits of Elvis’ long career, the magnificent Suspicious Minds. Suspicious Minds went to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, and also made it to the top of the country chart, and it reignited Elvis' career at a time when he badly needed the push.

My personal favorite, Elvis does Mickey Newberrys's magnificent American Triology. TDR

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