I hestitated to show this, but we've seen Elvis Presley as a young dynamo full of energy and promise, so it's only fair that that we see what only 20 years of Fame and Fortune did to his body and soul. With his loyal acolyte, Charlie Hodge, beside him, The King, obese and drug addled, sings the appropriate 'Unchained Melody.'

Some have found this clip almost too painful, but it's interesting to see that even at this stage of deterioration, the man could still sing with soul and power. It's a true cautionary tale, and many of the rock stars to follow have heeded it; Bruce Springsteen, the Beatles and Dylan are just some of those who claimed Elvis Presley as their inspirtation, and have avoided the entourage of syncophants, the lure of strong drugs, and the other influences that virtually killed The King. Bless his tortured soul. TDR

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