Mr. Head Treated Her Right

Editor's Note:: One day in the mid-60's as I was walking out of the neat building housing KNUZ AM, a

Top 40 station with the legendary morning man, Paul Berlin, I saw a couple of other promo guys talking to a very cool looking and dressed dude; one of them said, 'Don do you know Roy Head?

No, I didn't and I was thrilled to be introduced, going way back, Roy's, '"Treat Her Right,'"had been one of my favorite Hop and Radio Records. It has immense energy and a driving track, and Roy was like James Brown, dancing and belting it out. I'm please to report he was also a peach.

Thanks to John Hale for this rare footage and rememberance. The Don

No singer coming out of Texas ever rocked harder than Roy Head, from Three Rivers, Texas by way of San Marcos and Houston. Head combined the energy and fervor of a soul shouter, was backed by a hard-driving Houston band that was equally comfortable with rock or soul, and, Roy Head could dance like nobody's business...He'd have given James Brown a run for his money as an entertainer.

Head's first, and biggest hit was Treat Her Right, Head's backing group on Treat Her Right, and subsequent hits, was the Traits, out of San Marcos. Check out Head in this performance of Treat Her Right, which made it into the top ten of the Billboard Hot 100 charts in 1965.

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