New Orleans Showmen will Stand

The Showmen were a New Orleans-based group whose 15 minutes of fame came about in 1961. The Showmen, with frontman General Johnson, combined r&b music with a doo wop feel. Their one big hit, "It Will Stand," was produced by New Orleans' soon-to-be legendary producer Allen Touissaint, and it made it all the way to number one on the Billboard Hot 100 charts.

The song would be re-released three years later and hit the charts again, although not nearly climbing to number one the second time around. However, "It Will Stand" has become a staple of what's called the Carolinas Beach Music scene. The Showmen never scored any other major hits, but lead singer General Johnson would join up in the late sixties with the r&b group the Chairmen Of The Board, and that group would get a top ten hit with "Give Me Just A Little More Time" at the dawning of the seventies. The version of It Will Stand on this post is the very rare stereo version recorded in New Orleans.

Give Me Just a Little Bit More Time - Chairmen of the Board

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