Jimmy Page: CODA Was a Contractual Obligation Record

Sugar Mama (Mix)

Led Zeppelin legend Jimmy Page has spent several years personally overseeing the re-releases of the entire Zep catalog, and the results have been glorious. The releases have been rolling out in the same order as they originally appeared, making CODA the last one out the door. Even the most hardcore fan is unlikely to get excited at the words "CODA remastered." The album plays like an afterthought, for good reason: it was.

Page tells Rolling Stone that the group was ready to disband in 1980 following the accidental death of John Bonham. "It was put to me that there was another album due," he says. "It was contractual. I was like, 'Oh my God, no.'"

The band scraped together an album through a combination of new material and songs that didn't make the cut for earlier albums. The resulting mish-mash reveals a band that just wasn't feeling it anymore. The CODA release rewrites history, giving Zeppelin fans a three-disc deluxe blowout that sends the band off (for the second time) in style.

I Can't Quit You Baby (Live)

You can practically hear Page's heart breaking all over again as he discusses the events that led up to CODA... and his determination to do right by fans. Go read the whole thing at RollingStone.com.

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