Creedence Clearwater Revival: Bad Moon Rising

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Fortunate Son

Maybe it was summer 1970 when I was in San Francisco, that I was instructed to take what were probably song demos over to Fantasy Records in Oakland, the home of the new stars Credence Clearwater Revival. The company turned out to be in an industrial area with very modest offices, but the folks were nice and thanked me.

One day soon after, I was riding in the car listening to KFRC when they played "Proud Mary." That was actually CCR’s second hit; the band's first hit was a Dale Hawkins' song, "Susie Q." This one was all CCR, however. John Fogerty wrote "Proud Mary" to celebrate his freedom, having recently been released from Army duty.

What I remember though, is the disc jockey saying he had a phone call and patching onto the air John and his band mates: brother Tom, Doug Clifford and Stu Cook, all thanking him for playing their record. That was almost unprecedented. Artists would often call stations, but seldom would you hear local boys celebrating their success. "Proud Mary" would be a big hit, and start the band on their way to stardom.

About a year later I had that same song performed by Ike and Tina Turner break out of the Bay Area to become one of Ike and Tina’s first big crossover to Top 40 hits. I’ve written about my up-close and personal time with Tina elsewhere on:

Proud Mary

Credence Clearwater Revial went on to be one of the biggest groups of the 70s with an incredible string of hits including: "Lodi," "Green River," "Fortunate Son," and too many more to mention. I saw the band live several times,

they had the ability to recreate the sound of their records in Concert, with energy, great vocals and harmony.

Eventually, the other members of the group would leave John Fogerty alone, he had become the face of CCR

and wrote and sang all their hit songs. I'll write about John's solo career in a future post, meanwhile enjoy the music and videos of one of the all-time great Rock and Roll bands. --TDR

John Fogherty - Lodi

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