Patsy Had Sweet Dreams

Patsy Cline was one of the most popular Country artists of the 50's, with a strong, beautiful voice. Like so many of the female artists in that world, including Tammy Wynette whom we'll talk about one of these days, Patsy's personal life was something of a mess; but back in the day she dominated the Juke Box in bars across the country when tears were being shed. This tune, Sweet Dreams, was released just after her death in 1963, and seen by many inside observers as a very ironic reflection of her life and death. John Halle comments. - TDR

Hundreds of female country singers have come along after her, but to this day, none of 'em have come close to the talent of Patsy Cline. She was a singular artist whose popularity went way beyond her country audience. In fact, she was one of the first country artists to consistently score what are called crossover hits, those that start off in one genre and become popular in several others.

Patsy Cline had a relatively brief career before she was killed in a plane crash outside of Nashville, but in that time, she recorded a group of songs that remain classics even now, several decades later. One of my very favorite Patsy Cline songs was her take on a Don Gibson-penned original, Sweet Dreams. The song became so popular that in the eighties, it was used as the title of a movie that was made on Patsy Cline's life and all-too-brief career.

I Fall To Pieces

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