Old Roger's Chugging

Roger Miller might have originally been from southwest Oklahoma, but he spent enough time in Texas to have been adopted as a native son. Roger Miller was one of the biggest names in pop and country music back in the sixties, with a string of hits that included King Of The Road, an across-the-board smash as a pop hit and one of the biggest country hits of the sixties.

Miller wasn't only a good and interesting singer, but also a fine songwriter, who could be, by turns, funny, whimsical, and deep and introspective. He could also write a great drinking song, as he proved with this one. Chug-A-Lug was not only a big pop hit back in the sixties, but it also became one of the favorite beer drinkin' songs of it's day, and was funny as heck to boot. Drink up, and enjoy!

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