Call Me Lady Love

What The World Needs Now Is Love

In the late 60’s I was in San Francisco doing promotion for Liberty/United Artists records. One of the artists that was big then, Jackie DeShannon, was coming to town to play the Mark Hopkins Hotel, and I was to do all I could to make sure it went well. Jackie had a great sense of drama, and announced she’d take the Bubble Window Train up the West Coast to do the gig. So there I was at the Train Station when it arrived, a large bouquet of flowers in my arms.

When the lady disembarked you couldn’t miss her, she was really cute, wearing a pretty dress and large straw hat, carrying a picnic basket and smiling. I introduced myself and escorted her to my car for the ride to the hotel, and she chattered all the way as I tried to pay attention; Did I mention that her husband, Bud Dain, was one of my bosses in Hollywood? It was in my best interests that she go home happy. The next day we visited radio stations, and I was amazed had how many of the personalities, like the great, Jack Carnery were her friends.

Put A Little Love In Your Heart

A year or two before she had a big hit with the song, ‘What the World Needs Now Is Love,’ and we were now riding the hit, ‘Put a Little Love In Your Heart,’ She was becoming a star and excited about the future and talked about her dream of a billboard in Vegas saying only, ‘JACKIE,’ and that I might suggest to the deejays that they call her Lady Love, which was not going to happen.

Anyway, I had a lovely cocktail party for her at the hotel before the show, and many radio personalities and various wholesale and retail record folks attended. The show was well received, she had a big band behind her and wonderful stage presence, the crowd loved her and applauded the hits. After a few days when she headed back home I breathed a sigh of relief, my job had literally been on the line, but we pulled it off one more time without a major screw up, and I got a nice note from Bud thanking me for taking care of her.

Oh Boy

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