Frankie and the Seasons Walk Like Men

Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons are one of the most popular American Rock & Roll groups of all time. They've even had a Movie and Broadway Play, “Jersey Boys,” made about their career on the top forty music charts.

The Four Seasons first became popular in the very early sixties, and they scored a long string of hits, both as a group, and with Valli going solo, throughout the rest of that decade and the early to mid-seventies. The Four Seasons were first identified as doo-wop artists, but they were very capable of recording tough, street-wise pop music that spoke to their millions of fans who snapped up their records.

A great example of the Four Seasons at their rock & roll best is Walk Like A Man, which became the group's third number one hit on the Billboard Hot 100 chart in March of '63. Just to show you how street tough the Four Seasons could be, the building that housed the recording studio where the group was recording Walk Like A Man caught fire during the session, but the group didn't get out of the building until the session was completed and the song was on tape and ready to be put to disc.

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