Phil and Don Just Wanted to be Loved

I've talked about the Everly Brothers previously, but their musical output was so big that we could do many pages on TDR. This video of 'When Will I Be Loved,' was done at the Dick Clark Saturday night show on ABC sponsored by a chewing gum company, whose slogan was IFIC, note the kids all chewing away and wearing buttons. TDR

Don and Phil Everly were, for the first four and a half decades of the rock & roll era the most popular duo in recorded history. They surpassed Sonny & Cher, Simon & Garfunkel, the Righteous Brothers, and all comers, until Daryl Hall & John Oates beat them out. The Everly Brothers did their best early work on the Cadence record label, starting with Bye Bye Love in the mid-fifties, and concluding with When Will I Be Loved in early 1960, before the two moved over to the Warner Brothers label. When Will I Be Loved was a classic rock & roller that made it into the top ten, and would do so again over a decade later when Linda Ronstadt remade it. This is the last Everly Brothers song on Cadence, and a classic one at that...When Will I Be Loved.

Till I Kissed You