Little Lovin' Under the Boardwalk

The Drifters music was the summer sound-track for millions in the early and mid-60s. Their records just sounded great on the radio and sold like "hotcakes" -- sorry about that. Because of legal reasons this track is audio without video, so close your eyes, listen, and believe it's yesterday. Here's music-historian John Hale's comments -- TDR

One of the last major hits for R&B legends The Drifters was "Under The Boardwalk," from back in the summer of '64. The song has an interesting history. Drifter's front man Rudy Lewis, who'd been the lead singer of the group since Ben E. King left in 1960, was slated to sing lead on Under The Boardwalk.

The evening before the session, he was found dead, from a presumed drug overdose. The group's label acted quickly, and brought back former Drifter Johnny Moore to take over the lead singing duties, and the session went on as planned the next day. Under The Boardwalk climbed all the way to number four on the Billboard Hot 100 music chart in the summer of '64, and was subsequently covered by several other pop and soul acts of the time.

Under The Boardwalk remains a staple and popular hit among fans of what's called the Carolinas Beach Music scene these days, and get frequently plays in clubs all along the coasts of Alabama, Florida, the Carolinas, and Virginia.

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