Dave On the Way Home, After 6 Days

I was a rock and roll deejay, but every once in a while a country hit would appear on the charts, especially at one station where the Program Director had a country band on the side. Anyway, the first time I heard Dave Dudley's

'Six Days on the Road,' I loved it, and so did a lot of listeners judging from the way the phones lit up. Musicologist

John Hale has the story. - TDR

There's country music, and then, there's trucker's country music. It's a whole different brand of country, and has enjoyed huge popularity for decades now. Several popular singers have made their living singing odes to the wide open roads, but none more successfully than Dave Dudley. His song "Six Days On The Road" made it to number one on the country music charts back in the sixties, and also into the Top 20 of the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

The song has been re-recorded by a variety of other singers over the years, some successfully taking the song back to the country charts, though none with the popularity of Dave Dudley's original. "Six Days On The Road" remains a popular request song on the various truckers' radio programs that can be heard late at night on radio stations coast-to-coast.


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