The Monsters Were Mashing

Christmas wouldn't be Christmas if we didn't hear 'White Christmas' on the radio, and Halloween wouldn't be Halloween if we didn't hear "The Monster Mash" by Bobby 'Boris' Picket . One of the most iconic Holiday Records of all time, "The Mash" made Bobby rich beyond his wildest dreams, turning up everywhere on the radio every year at the same time. It was a fluke.

He wrote it as a send-up of the "Twist" and "Mashed Potato" dance crazes of the time. In 1962 every Record Label passed on it, so the audio engineer put it out on his own Garpex label, where it went to #1 two weeks before Halloween that year.

One little known factoid, the ubquitous Leon Russell played on the session; of course, Leon could be a little creepy himself. Pickett had a small nightclub on the Sunset Strip where he did comedy and impressions, the record grew out of his portrayals of Boris Karloff (who did a later version) and Bella Lugosi.

Fun times in the record business, I'll bet everyone who watches this will remember 'The Monster Mash.' The clip is from American Bandstand and opens with an incredibly young Dick Clark, a former deejay across the hall at WFIL, who became rich and famous on TV.

Gary Ramey's great animation version of The Monster Mash

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