Stupid Rock Star Tricks: Ozzy Beheads a Bat With His Mouth

Clip from VH1's Behind the Music

There are many horrifying urban legends in Rock and Roll, but one of the grossest happens to be real. Yes kids, Ozzy Osbourne really did bite the head off of a bat onstage on January 20, 1982 in Des Moines, Iowa. He says he didn't really know what he was doing at the time. (Side note: don't do drugs.)

For what it's worth, the bat had already gone to Rock and Roll Heaven before Ozzy got his hands on it. In related news, Ozzy bit the head off of DEAD BAT. I want to run and get a rabies shot just thinking about it.

This wasn't Ozzy's first foray into self-prepared tar-tar, however. Years earlier, Ozzy had planned to make a spectacular exit from a PR meeting by releasing three cooing doves. Well, the doves did what doves do – cooed. A lot. The noise drove Ozzy batty, and he took action. He called the trainer and asked to have them removed.

Ha ha, just kidding – no. He bit the head off of a live dove and spit it on the PR conference room table. They threw him out of the room.

Please note that The Don Rocks does not endorse biting the heads off of live doves, bats, coworkers, or anything else that might annoy you. In other words, don't try this at home. (Or work.)

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