Alice Cooper Introduces Don to a Friend

Poison - Alice Cooper

I had a Baby Band as opening act on an Alice Cooper tour, and decided to jump on and join for a few days to show the boys that the Label supported them and call on the local radio stations.

For the first show I flew into New Orleans and made the beautiful drive over the Causeway Bridge above Lake Pontchartrain, which was very relaxing. I got to the arena early to greet the band and enjoy the buffet; there was usually cold Heineken’s and other goodies.

When the band left to play I realized that I’d never watched Alice’s legendary show from out front before. So as the kids came back to the dressing room I excused myself and went back up to the stage. There was an All-Access pass stuck on my jeans and I walked right past security, a line of beefy guys shoulder to shoulder across the front of the stage about 3 or 4 feet back.

So I strolled right down to the front and stood in the middle. Alice was already working and he came to the edge of the stage, looked down and saw me, and headed back to a chest where he pulled out The Snake, the only thing I had in common with Indiana Jones was a life-time fear of snakes.

Alice then came right back to the edge of the stage above me and dangled The Snake in my face. I was obviously terrified and the Security guys were laughing their butts off. As soon as Alice put the snake back in it’s lair and returned to his act, I headed off to the safety of the dressing room, afraid I was about to barf. From then on, I stayed with the food and drink.

No More Mr. Nice Guy - Alice Cooper

[Originally published June 4, 2015]

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