Rock and Roll Heaven: Frankie Ford Took a Sea Cruise

SEA CRUISE - Frankie Ford

John Hale takes a look at Frankie Ford, who's 'Sea Cruise' was a major hit in the late 50's for the New Orleans based artist. Because it's so old we don't have a video of Frankie doing the tune, but there is a pristine audio recording to take you back in time. TDR

Frankie Ford was one of the most colorful, and talented singers to come out of the late fifties New Orleans R&B scene. Ford passed away October 29th at his home in New Orleans suburb Gretna after a lengthy illness.

Ford was best-known for his 1959 number one rock & roll hit "Sea Cruise," which chugged its' way to the top of the charts like a runaway river boat on the Mississippi River. Ford, who frequently performed with the group, was backed up on Sea Cruise by fellow Crescent City act Huey Piano Smith and the Clowns. Ford went on to have a career that lasted for years, though his time on the charts ended in the early sixties, after two more borderline hits, "Time After Time" and "You Talk Too Much."

Ford had made infrequent appearances onstage in his native New Orleans until fairly recently, when he became too ill to perform further. RIP to a fine rock & roller from the Big Easy, Frankie Ford.

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