The Young Rascals Were Groovin'

The great band, The Young Rascals, were very hot in the mid-60's and pulled off a hat-trick that few other white groups had done before or after, they had hits that crossed over to Black Radio and the R&B charts. Among other things that meant huge record sales to both the Pop Top 40 and R&B markets. Other musicians like, E Street Band

member Steve Van Zandt, were major fans and arranged for them to play on Broadway again to great response. --


John Hales comments: 1967 was a really good year for the blue-eyed soul band the Young Rascals. They released their third album, "Groovin'," in mid-summer and it promptly climbed to the top of the Billboard album chart. The title song, "Groovin'," sold a million copies and became the group's second song to hit number one on the Billboard Hot 100 chart.

Groovin', was one of eight songs off of the album to be released as either an "A" or "B" side by parent company Atlantic Records. An interesting side note...the original song, as written by the band, was about a rather more, um, intimate activity. However, the record label told the band that if they wanted the song released as a single, it would need to be made more "family friendly"... thus, the title was changed to Groovin'. This is the Young Rascals number one hit from mid-summer, 1967.

It's a Beautiful Morning

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