Elton Went To Philly To Record With Thom

John Hale writes about Elton John going to Philadelphia to record the great Soul Music producer, Thom Bell. TDR

British star Elton John always had a fascination with soul music, and in the mid-seventies, there was no hotter name in the soul music business than Thom Bell. The Philadelphia songwriter and producer ran Philadelphia International Records, and was a major force in the dozens of hits produced in the city of brotherly love.

Elton John made a trip to Philly in the mid-seventies to record an album with Thom Bell producing it. The complete album was never finished, but Bell and John were able to get several songs done, and eventually, the project was released as a five song EP called The Thom Bell Sessions. One song from the project was released as a single and became a hit for Elton John.

"Mama Can't Buy You Love" was released in 1979, and it became Elton John's first top 10 hit in more than three years when it climbed to number nine on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. This is Elton John sounding very soulful with "Mama Can't Buy You Love."

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