John was Big and Bad

If you were alive in 1961, you heard Jimmy Dean singing Big Bad John. John Hale has the story for us . -- TDR

It's funny, but these days if you bring up the name of Texas native Jimmy Dean, everyone thinks of him as the sausage king. It's true that a lot more breakfast meat has been sold under Dean's name than music, but in the late fifties and early sixties, he was a big name in the country music field. Big Bad John was far and away Jimmy Dean's most popular hit.

It was co-written by country music legend Roy Acuff, and Dean's version of the song was released back in September of 1961. It proved to be so popular that by a month later, it spent the first of five weeks at number one on Billboard's Hot 100 popular music chart.

Big Bad John also spent two weeks at number one on the Country chart, and an amazing ten weeks at number one on Billboard's Easy Listening music chart. It, and singer Jimmy Dean were nominated for Grammy awards, and won the 1962 Grammy award for Best Country and Western recording. It was one of the first songs to be number one on the Hot 100, Country, and Easy Listening charts of Billboard at the same time. This is Jimmy Dean's legendary hit, Big Bad John.

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