Rock and Roll Heaven: Allen Toussaint ("Mother-in-Law")

Allen Touissaint, who passed away Nov 10, 2015 in Spain, was an American musical treasure. He wrote and produced some of the most popular hits to ever come out of his native New Orleans, and in his later years became a popular concert draw on his own. One of the most popular of Touissaint's songs was Mother-In-Law, a huge hit in 1961 for New Orleans' Ernie K-Doe.

Touissaint wrote and produced Mother-In-Law for K-Doe, and also played the piano solo on the song. Mother-In-Law, which featured the patented New Orleans second line rhythm structure, went on to become number one on both the Billboard Hot 100 and Cashbox music charts, and was one of the most popular hits for the year 1961. It was just one of many Top 10 hits and Number One hits authored and produced by the late Allen Touissaint.

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