Johnny Rivers Saw Shadows On The Moon

John Hale has found this great song that Johnny Rivers recorded late in his career. I worked with Johnny when he came to San Francisco in '69 and have always been a fan. There's been a movement to get him into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame for years, but their selections are sometimes politically motivated or very arbitrary. -- TDR

When I think of singer Johnny Rivers, the impression I get is of "old man river...just keeps rolling along." Johnny Rivers is one of the very few popular artists from the mid-sixties that is still recording, and performing. He first became famous for his live rock & roll interpretations of popular oldie songs, especially those he performed at L.A.'s famed Whiskey-Au-Go-Go club.

Over the years, Rivers teamed up with some of the best writers of the day to record some of the finest albums of the Sixties and early Seventies. His popularity dipped as the seventies progressed, but Johnny Rivers has soldiered on. In fact, now in his seventies, Rivers is making some of the best music of his career. "Shadows On The Moon" is one of Johnny Rivers' most recent albums, released in 2009.

Listen to the title song from "Shadows On The Moon:... it not only compares favorably with any of Johnny Rivers' previous work, but it also holds up very well with any of the music being done by today's contemporary artists. This is Johnny Rivers, and Shadows On The Moon...a great song.

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