Kingston Trio Didn't Worry About Dough

There was a brief period in American pop music history, from roughly the late fifties through the early sixties, where folk music as played on college campuses and Greenwich Village nightclubs was among the most popular and requested hits of the day. Acts such as Peter, Paul, & Mary, Trini Lopez, the Chad Mitchell Trio, and the New Christie Minstrels were as popular on the radio as they were in performances at coffee houses and clubs around the country.

One of the groups that helped the most to usher in the folk music era was the Kingston Trio, featuring original members Dave Guard, Bob Shane, and Nick Reynolds. How popular were the Kingston Trio? Their biggest hit single, Tom Dooley, sold more than 3 million copies, and in late November and December of 1959, they had four of the Top 10 selling albums on the Billboard Top 100 Album charts.

A falling out between Guard and the other two members of the group led to him leaving the group in 1961, and he was replaced by John Stewart. One of the new lineup's biggest hits was their 1963 version of a Hoyt Axton-written song, "Greenback Dollar," off of their popular New Frontier album.

They Call The Wind Maria

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