Frampton Came Alive at KZEW in Dallas

Frampton KZEW poster

When I was program director of KZEW—The ZOO in Dallas we had broadcast lines going into top recording studio in the city, January Sound, where we periodically created live radio concerts with many top acts. Peter Frampton had recently split from Humble Pie and was embarking on a solo career and heading for a show in Dallas. We were able to snag him for a one-hour live radio concert.

It was a great radio show and one of the highlights was his song “Do You Feel like We Do.” The listener feedback was fabulous and the next day we were getting lots of requests to replay that tune. The more we played it the more the phones rang until it became our most requested song for many months to come. The added bonus was that we were the only station in town that had the song. It must have been frustrating for DJs at the competition to have to tell their listeners that they couldn’t play it because it was a ZOO exclusive.

Do you Feel Like We Do –Live at Oakland Coliseum (July 2, 1977)

The "Frampton Comes Alive" album eventually sold 11 million copies and Frampton’s career took off like a rocket. In recognition they awarded us a gold record for helping to launch Frampton into super stardom.

KZEW Zoologist Ira Lipson with A&M promo guy Don Tolle

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