Dusty Loved the Son Of a Preacher Man

Jerry Wexler took Dusty Springfield down to Memphis to record her first Atlantic album. He felt that although Dusty was a white Brit, she sang in a very soulful manner. He was right. Here's John Hales' take on the tune. --TDR

Dusty Springfield was one of the finest female singers ever, with a husky, sexy voice that helped her to have numerous Top 10 hits from the mid-sixties all the way through the late eighties. One of her most popular hits was a song soul legend Aretha Franklin took a pass on the first time around.

"Son Of A Preacherman" was recorded by Aretha's sister Erma Franklin in 1969, and Dusty Springfield liked the song, and included it on her Atlantic Records debut album, Dusty In Memphis. "Son Of A Preacherman" became her first release off of the album, and made it to NUmber 10 on the Billboard Hot 100 chart, becoming an international best-seller in the process. Aretha Franklin? She had a change of heart, decided it was a pretty good song after all, and included it on a 1970 album and as the "B" side of her hit "Call Me." This is Dusty Springfield, and "Son Of A Preacherman."

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